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We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. 所有的NW女佣清洁工都经过我们的仔细审查,所以我们选择合适的人来照顾您的家. 我们知道您选择了西西雅图最值得信赖的家政服务.



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West Seattle Residential Cleaning

Your home is your haven, and we want to help you keep it as clean, peaceful and stress free as possible. That’s why our Pros provide reliable, thorough, 还有平价的清洁服务,让你的家看起来更漂亮, and you feeling great!


West Seattle Apartment Cleaning

专业的电竞比赛押注服务对于那些没有时间自己打扫房子的人来说是完美的. Your NW Maids Pro will come to you at your convenience, creating more time for you to enjoy the life you love!


West Seattle Recurring Cleaning Services

Between work, family, extracurricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be challenging to make time for house cleaning. Fear not! NW Maids can help! We’ll provide you and your family with the detailed, thorough, and reliable cleanings you need to stay healthy, happy, 和与你想要过的生活. 我们将努力为您的每次访问匹配相同的伟大的清洁,以确保始终如一和奉献的服务,您期望从我们. Even better, the more we clean, the more you save! Monthly clients enjoy 10% off, Biweekly clients enjoy 15% off, and Weekly clients enjoy a whooping 20% off each clean!


West Seattle Office Cleaning

Your business deserves to make a great first impression! Our affordable and detailed office cleaning是一个完美的方式,可以确保你在每个来你办公室的人面前展现出最好的一面. 当你雇佣NW女佣时,你可以更专注于你的业务——我们有清洁服务!


West Seattle Deep Cleaning

Life happens, life gets messy. When your house starts to feel a little out of control, try our cleansing deep cleaning package to get you back on track! We’ll get in all those rarely cleaned nooks and crannies, freshening up your space to bring back your peace of mind. Take a peek at our Cleaning Checklist a full list services included in this package.


West Seattle Move In / Out Cleanings

Moving is stressful enough. Let us handle the cleaning! Our experienced, 专业的清洁人员会仔细地准备好你新家的每一寸内饰——所以你必须集中精力, is moving!

Why Choose Us

NW Maids provides flat rate, 无合同定价电竞比赛押注服务,为您的当代生活.


Simplifying your life

当您可以选择NW女佣来照顾您的所有清洁需求时,为什么要牺牲您的个人时间呢? Your time is precious, choose us to take care of everything, so you can focus more on things that matter most.


Communication is key

在NW女佣,我们相信成功的沟通是成功的关键! 这就是为什么我们让您通过电话、电子邮件或您的在线帐户电竞比赛押注很容易. 您发送给我们的所有通知都将提交给您的清洁团队,以确保我们完全按照您的指示执行!


Professional Maid Services

所有的NW女佣专业人员都是值得信赖的,可靠的清洁与卓越的记录证明. 我们要求我们所有的清洁团队都有很好的推荐信和至少3年的专业电竞比赛押注经验与我们合作, so you’ll receive a top notch clean every time!


Prefer a Green Cleaning? No Problem



200% Satisfaction

We’re confident you’ll love our service. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and re-clean the area in question for free.

If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. Talk about a safe bet!


Bonded & Insured

NW女佣是保税和保险,以确保我们所有的客户提供他们应得的安心. Rest easy, knowing your home is safe in our hands!

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Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Service


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of stove, oven and fridge
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling

House Keeping Service
Bathroom Cleaning Service


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling

Extras (upon request)

  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside oven
  • Inside fridge
  • Laundry wash & dry
  • Inside windows

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Words From Our Clients

The ladies who came to clean were a mother-daughter team. 他们人很好,还像老板一样打扫我的公寓. It felt like a new apartment, and they spent a solid 3.5 hours on the place. So grateful and would hire them again.

-Amanda A.
Wallingford, WA
First Responder

- Amanda A. ~ Seattle, WA

Finally tried a cleaning service, and I'm in love with NW Maids. 准时,专业,自带所有清洁设备,把我的公寓收拾得井井有条! Highly recommended. #freetime #NWMaids 

-Xuyang N.
Edmonds, WA

- Xuyang N. ~ Seattle, WA

我被工作淹没了,几乎没有时间处理清洁或安排任何事情. Then a friend told me about NW Maids. Literally took me a minute to schedule a cleaning team to come over. 记住,我是你能遇到的最注重细节的人之一. 我对付费服务期望很高,你们做得很好. Now I'm using that free time to unwind and watch some Netflix. 😉

-Gavin Clement
Bellevue, WA

- Gavin Clement ~ Shoreline, WA

Loved their cleaning. 他们准时出现,工作非常努力,把这个地方弄得很漂亮,像新的一样. 他们做踢脚板,一丝不苟的工作电竞比赛押注,拖楼梯,还有很多其他的工作. Will now set up a regular clean from NW Maids. I'd highly recommend.

-Nick S.
Shoreline, WA

- Nick S. ~ Seattle, WA

Wonderful West Seattle

作为一个半岛和西雅图最大最古老的社区, 西西雅图是一个文化独立的地方,它给人一种更接近大城市的小城镇的感觉. Jutting into Puget Sound at Alki Point, this neighborhood features an excellent business district, a strip of sandy beach, 还有一些小型社区,创造出属于他们自己的氛围. Accessible by bridge or water taxi, 它为在西雅图工作提供了近距离的环境,而不是直接在市中心地区,提供了独特的生活质量. We offer the best House Cleaning in West Seattle.

Ways to Enjoy Your Days in West Seattle, WA

西西雅图提供了一种低调的生活方式,周围有你需要的一切. 理想的家庭需要接近西雅图,但想要一个更郊区的体验, you'll find parks, beaches, and water activities to keep active during any season. 

On the beach, 探索Alki Point灯塔,在沙滩上玩耍,在海浪中溅起水花. The activities here are genuinely endless, 在那里你可以沿着令人惊叹的风景慢跑,或者通过风筝冲浪和其他更极端的运动挑战自己. 

Lincoln Park, Mee Kwa Mooks, and Schmitz are all lovely for a day outdoors, 而加州大道和海军上将大道则创造了大量的购物场所, dine, and experience culture. The businesses in West Seattle are primarily locally owned, from the bakeries to the cafes and bars to music stores. Plus, locals favor fresh flavors from the farmers' market on Sundays, making this small-town slice of Seattle the perfect home for many!

History of West Seattle, WA

The history of West Seattle, Washington is a fascinating one. The area was initially inhabited by the Duwamish Tribe, 和其他印第安人被它丰富的自然资源所吸引. In 1851, 美国移民来到这个地区,开始在半岛肥沃的土地上耕作, which grew potatoes, beans, carrots, and corn. As the population of Americans and Europeans began to increase, more businesses were needed that catered to their needs.

西西雅图的第一个真正的工业是由亨利·伊斯勒建立的, who opened up a sawmill on the waterfront at Alki Point. 在与其他两个城镇合并后,该地区成为了一个正式的城镇:布莱顿和斯普林希尔.

West Seattle was annexed by the city of Seattle in 1907 从那时起,这里就以其独特的文化而闻名. 无论你是否住在这里,它都是一个美丽的地方!

Facts about West Seattle, WA

西西雅图是华盛顿州西雅图市的一个大社区. 它的面积约为17平方英里,位于西雅图海岸线的西部. 据估计,2018年6月的人口约为10.4万人. 在西西雅图有许多学校、公园和购物区供家庭享用. 它是西西雅图体育场(West Seattle Stadium)的所在地,用于足球和棒球比赛. The stadium seats around 12,000 people at its peak capacity.

Amenities and Attractions in West Seattle, WA

The amenities and attractions offered by West Seattle are many! There is a beautiful public library that offers books, music CDs, DVDs, e-books, and all of your favorite magazines. You can also find out about upcoming events here through their calendar system or website. 图电竞比赛押注馆还提供特别的活动,如儿童和青少年的故事时间和成人的读电竞比赛押注俱乐部.

西西雅图的许多餐馆都因其独特的食物而赢得了最高的评价. You can visit Sweet Iron Waffles, which serves creative, delicious waffle concoctions made with local ingredients, 如果你想要享受美食,也可以去新蛋糕店! 他们提供各种各样的糕点和蛋糕,包括特殊场合的婚礼蛋糕.

For those looking to get in shape, check out the West Seattle Gym, which has an indoor pool and offers classes such as yoga or Zumba. 你还会在这里找到两个户外游泳池,在整个夏天,为所有年龄段的孩子提供游泳课程!

在西西雅图,你可以看到从阿尔基角灯塔到林肯公园的滨水景观. 还有很多公园和海滩供孩子们玩耍, or if they prefer a more active day, 附近有风筝冲浪和其他极限运动,可以让他们保持警觉!

Neighborhoods in West Seattle

社区由一系列较小的社区和中央商务区组成. 西西雅图也通过公共交通连接到西雅图的许多其他社区, making it easy for those living here to commute easily from home!

当你在这个地区找房子的时候,有很多社区可供选择. Some of them include Admiral, Fauntleroy, Seaview, and Alki Point, 去购物中心和水上步道都很方便吗. For a little bit of history, also be sure to check out the Lincoln Park neighborhood, 哪家公司提供建于1929年的古色古香的住宅,经过修复和翻新,变成了公寓或联排别墅.

Whether you are looking for a family home, condo, or apartment to offer an easy commute into the city of Seattle, West Seattle has everything that your perfect place needs. 你可以在普吉特湾找到一些可以看到雷尼尔山的住宅, which are certainly not something you get every day of the week!

Schools and Education in West Seattle, WA

西雅图西部的许多学校提供从小学到高中的幼儿中心. 如果你还不想在这里结束学业的话,还有一所社区大学可以帮助你开始攻读学位! 西西雅图最受欢迎的公立小学是惠蒂尔小学,该州给予了最高的评价.

一所名为西雅图艺术与科学学院的私立学校为来自这个地区的学生提供从学前到高中的教育. If you are looking for an incredible middle school, check out Pathfinder K-12 School, which has been voted as one of the top schools in Washington State! 西雅图职业学院也提供一个很好的在线学习项目.

Transportation in West Seattle, WA

位于华盛顿州的普吉特湾半岛,伸入埃利奥特湾, it's only accessible by road or ferry boat, 虽然这里离市中心很近,但却有一种独特的生活品质,是什么让这里的生活非常宁静祥和.

西雅图西部的主要道路是阿尔基大道、方特勒罗伊路西南和斯波坎街. There is also a ferry system that runs from Seacrest公园到西雅图市中心,另一个从海港岛到西雅图市中心.

The climate in West Seattle, WA

这个地区的气候非常温和,冬季最低,平均38华氏度(约3摄氏度),夏季最高,平均77华氏度(约25摄氏度). 一年中最热的月份是八月,平均气温为 73.0 degrees Fahrenheit (22.78 Degrees Celsius). In contrast, January is the coolest, averaging about 42.18 Degrees Fahrenheit or five degrees Celsius for a low and 55.38 degrees Fahrenheit or 12.95 degrees Celsius as highs.

Job Opportunities in West Seattle, WA

西西雅图及其周边地区有很多工作机会. The top four industries with jobs available here are health care, manufacturing, or production at 12 percent each, followed by professional or management positions at 11 percent. Retail jobs are also abundant in West Seattle, with about nine percent of the total workforce available here, 其次是休闲和酒店业,各占8%.

这一领域的顶级雇主包括普罗维登斯医院(约450名员工), Boeing Company (just over 400), and Harborview Medical Center, which employs just under 300 people. The remaining top employers include the West Seattle Health Club, which employs about 175 people, or Providence Regional Medical Center, employing just under 150.

Seattle is one of those places where you can find a job no matter your skillset or degree level, which means that if you're looking to move to the West Coast, this is a great place to start!

西西雅图是多年来发展不充分的地区之一, but it's certainly on track now to become a fantastic community. 新房子和公寓每天都在建造,这意味着你可以享受到所有的便利设施 of city living without having to deal with the insane prices of housing.

西西雅图的平均家庭收入约为6.2万美元,平均年龄为42岁. 长期以来,这个地区一直是家庭搬进来抚养孩子的热门之地. It offers many family-friendly activities throughout the year, including parades, festivals, and outdoor movie nights! 所以,如果你正在寻找一个能提供生活方式和经济负担的完美结合的好地方来养家的话, West Seattle may be just what you are searching for!

Is it safe to live in West Seattle, WA?

西雅图西部的犯罪率不像西海岸的其他地方那么高, and even though some parts feel a little sketchy, overall, this area has been very well maintained for years. The violent crime rate here averages about two percent, making living here even more appealing, 但这也意味着你不必担心被抢劫或袭击.

The property crime rate in West Seattle is just over five percent, making it a great place to live, 考虑到其他的选择,会导致比抢劫或袭击更严重的犯罪率非常高! Drug use has also dropped significantly over the years, so if you're looking for an area with a low crime rate, West Seattle will be a great place to start your next adventure!

西西雅图也是华盛顿州哮喘发病率最低的地区之一, which is one reason it's such a fantastic family neighborhood. Air quality can play a huge role in how healthy you are, not just physically but mentally, 所以如果你想生活在呼吸系统疾病发病率低的地区, this is a great choice!

Is West Seattle, WA, Affordable?

西西雅图的生活成本也使得它对家庭和个人都很有吸引力, 这意味着你可以在享受生活的同时,最后还有钱. The rate for grocery items averages about 148 percent, 考虑到你仍然可以以东海岸大多数地方一半的价格买到你需要的一切,这还不算太糟!

You'll also find some great deals for housing in West Seattle, including homes, condos, or apartments that range from $200k to around $400k, 即使你的目标是拥有一套房子,是什么让它成为一个负担得起的选择. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in West Seattle is about $1450, 也就是说你不用花一分钱就能舒适地住在这里!

West Seattle offers some of the best affordability rates around, 考虑到它是华盛顿州目前最有前途的地区之一, it's the perfect place to make your next home!

西西雅图的房价中值约为51.5万美元,这意味着它可能会 be out of reach for some, but if you don't mind renting, there are plenty of places available. The average rent here averages around 1050 per month, 如果你想在这个领域做长期投资,哪些因素能让你的生活负担得起.

所以,如果你正在寻找一个经济实惠和生活方式完美结合的地区, 西西雅图有你所需要的一切,既能养家糊口,又不会让你倾家荡产!

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